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My name is Sami from Yemen live the life of dark inside and a national do not find I am one help me my problem, but do not allow me to do that which I discussed a lot on the right I knew that the religion of Christ is the Truth and Gipp paragraphs curse a lot and I still read about the peace be upon him, but what I do and where to turn I want to to be a Christian I want to pray the Lord no one heard me and continued to search for a church in Yemen in order to enter the original even found in Sanaa Street era and remained enter the church two weeks, but then forbid me to enter and they told me I Yemen and Yemenis are prevented from entering the church and the reasons were:

First family: The family live in a bias and a clear, strong and intransigence towards their Muslim religion and for whom religion is a red line (Lage D it) and when I got to fully convinced, including Carry from thought and doctrine feared I share PINS and the exercise of anything because I am afraid to kill me and Am I sure the credibility of what I carry of thought and belief and that the family is the product of thought and culture a legacy for Attenbra informed or aware of the fact that the Lord came visible (Christ) the Lord is not visible

Second, the difficulties of community: that what applied to the family is applicable to a society where that society is a radical Islamic trends for their religion of Islam (and do not accept other) and also considered an extreme, including: the existing base in the country as well as the currents of radical Salafist satisfaction and also rally the reformist Islamic clutch and catcher on the country and rare finds from a person with a rational balanced so that put them an idea and Tugeatk and that the fate of the violation of their thinking and their faith surely will be killed according to their religion and modern messenger frank and who says (of the allowance of their religion, killing him) and also known blood apostate religion is permissible and what happens between the time and another

Third: The law (Government): Everyone knows that Islam is the source of power in Yemen do not accept coexistence with other religions and the evidence for that is the absence of Yemeni convert non-Islam, because undoubtedly dead and this is the biggest obstacle in order to live in my country, Yemen, and clenching or practice what I thought of the instructions Christ as known in Egypt, Palestine and Lebanon

Yemeni law is clear and explicit and kill each of the states fall back on Islam and described them as, after three days and I do not have any freedom to practice what I am convinced it but Ergmoni on the exercise of their religion, so I decided to go out or emigrate to any country, whatever the circumstances

And I want a homeland and family and community


I have a persecution against me, who have forced me through the exercise of their religion and the suppression of religious freedom

And the fear and anxiety to myself every day to discover that I went out of their religion and therefore the Iezboni and Idechloni prison and Ergmoni to practice their religion A and they would kill me, I live in a Muslim society and a backward and tribal control of the country does not respect the religions and freedoms and thought and beliefs

You cross the bridge to the family of God when you trust in Christ alone to forgive you your sins and commitment in your heart to be your Savior and Lord. What an incredible exchange: The worst private for the sake of Allah is better than! There is no relationship in one direction. God did not do his part when his son died on the cross, and now it's your move. Turning to God means that you also turn from something. As you turn to Jesus who "repent" which means you surrender your old life with the sin of all, for a new life in Christ is committed to doing things for God's sake

I hope anyone help me

. Pray this prayer, confessing their sins and receive Jesus Christ into your heart, and the fulfillment of God's promise to welcome you to his family and the child, forgive him. The Bible gives you this assurance:

"But as many as received Him, and He also gave them the right to become children of God, who believed in His name." John 1:12

Dear Lord Jesus, and I think you are the Son of God, and I think you came to Earth in human form. I believe you died for me on the cross and shed your blood for my salvation. I believe you rose from the dead on the third day and ascended into heaven. I think you will return to earth again one day.

Dear Jesus, I admit I am wrong, and forgive me my sin. Cleanse me now with the precious blood. Enters my heart. Keeping myself now. I give you my life, and you receive now as my Savior and Lord God. I am yours forever, and will serve one another. I no longer belong to this world, I belong to you, and I am born again. Amen!

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